No 1 Reason Why Women Keep Failing To Achieve Weight Loss Goals #1
Written by LayYong Ooi on 16 Feb 2019
How many of you attempt to lose weight over the last 5, 10 years, and failed?

How many you know you need to do something to get fit & healthy but you are not doing?

How many of you have started on diets, exercises and stopped? And gain even more weight?

Change is hard for everyone, more so as we age...

2 Things You Need To Know To Defy Being Weak And Frail In Your 60’s #2
Written by LayYong Ooi 26 Feb 2019
Can you climb the stairs without puffing and huffing?

Do you feel tired at the end of your day? 

Does the thought of getting old keep you awake at nights?

Ageing is inevitable. But being weak and frail is not...

The #1 Underlying Problem In Women Gaining Excess Weight #3
Written by LayYong Ooi 16 Feb 2019
No. it’s not eating carbs or sugars

It’s not eating too much fat.

It’s not lack of exercise. Exercise helps to lose weight but not the cause of weight gain.

The truth is...
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